We are GoldG Telecom PLC

We are known for our cutting edge platforms that are capable of transforming societies.

The driving force of all platforms, Misrak Molla(Eng.), graduated in Electrical Engineering and has long served as an expert, manager, reasercher and consultant for Ethio Telecom, key government ministries, private firms and other institutions. Now he is serving as the CEO & Chairman of Ethiopian Telecom Professionals Association and Board chairman and advisor to many private companies.

He has done more than hundreds of researches that are believed to change the way people, government, institutions, businesses and other stakeholders can establish, plan, operate, execute and transform. These platforms and system packages including you are visiting currently (also available on ardi42.com) are a result of the insight and research E-book released on the internet a while back, titled Missing Links and Perspectives E-book.

Many developing countries are poised with many national and ambitious plans, strategies and projects believed to transform the way their businesses, policies, people, government and relevant stakeholders do various planning, executions and operations. Even if slow pace development, access to information and better economic conditions continue to be registered; there remains the unavailability of vital building blocks, foundations, principles and bonds that are vital to boost the overall governance, development, democracy and people's satisfaction.

But the failure to see new perspectives, unchartered territories, sustainable strategies, simple concepts, in depth observations, independent thinking and continuous changes in driving most countries in to a vicious cycle of problems, failures, waste of resources, suffering, rising conflicts, hate and a lasting risk of disintegration and turmoil.

The platforms and system packages(www.ardi42.com), research ideas, insights and perspectives are to give the public, government, sectors, businesses, firms and various stakeholders the need to see simple concepts, integrated approach,vital foundations, the missing perspectives, bonding chemistry and become a reason for the next wave of reaction, popping-up, establishment, build up, acceleration and success of many vital agendas, strategies, innovations and systems that would affirm a lasting and sustainable development, satisfaction, meaning and happiness for all stakeholers and the people at large.

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