When you use our services, you’re trusting us with the information you provide and we collect. We do understand this is a big responsibility and we are always working to protect your information.

What do we collect?

We collect information to provide better services to all our users. We only collect information you voluntarily provide, like what your interests are, what your likes and dislikes are and the like. When you’re not signed in to any of our services, we store the information we collect with unique identifiers tied to the browser, application, or device you’re using. When you’re signed in, we also collect information that we store with your ccount, which we treat as personal information.

Things you create or provide to us

When you create an account on our services, you provide us with personal information that includes your name and a password (optionally an email address and a phone number). We also collect the content you create, upload, or receive from others when using our services. This includes things like messages you send and receive, photos and videos you save, docs and spreadsheets you create, and comments and likes you make, and other interactions either with our services or with other people and terms you search for.

Some of our services might require your location information

Your location can be determined with varying degrees of accuracy by:
  • GPS
  • IP address
  • Sensor data from your device
  • Information about things near your device, such as Wi-Fi access points, cell towers, and Bluetoothenabled devices
  • The types of location data we collect depends in part on your device and/or you. For example you might turn off your device's location off or deny us permission to access your location.

Why do we collect data?

  • Provide our services
  • Maintain & improve our services
  • Develop new services
  • Provide personalized services, including content and ads
  • Measure our performance
  • Communicate with you

How do we handle your data?

Your personal information about your activities on our services, interests and so on will not be share with the public or any third pary for any reason. We only use them for the purposes mentioned above.

If you decide to unsubscribe from our services, all the data we have collected will be removed from our servers completely.